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Call for Applications : Global Youth Leaders Program 2016 in Canada

05:24 AM 2016

applications are invited for the Global Youth Leaders Certificate programme which is a three-week education programme offered at Coady Institute. Applicants from developing countries are eligible to apply for this programme. This programme enables young development practitioners from developing countries to strengthen their leadership capacities in order to contribute to innovation and change in their organizations and communities.


Build self-knowledge as the basis of leadership to facilitate others through change
Strengthen communication skills which are key to making an effective case for change
Learn the theory and principles behind citizen-led and asset-based approaches and how to integrate these into your work
Develop facilitation skills and tools to use in various community development situations
Strengthen competencies to analyze how different world views influence development and social change
Develop values and attitudes that nurture a culture of peace and non-violence
Engage in an analysis of the intersectionalities between power, poverty, health, racism, gender equality and environmental sustainability
Gain a greater understanding of the complexities and principals involved with multi-sector and multiple-actor collaboration and working in partnerships
Explore local efforts to create, maintain, and strengthen citizen-led and community-driven development and grassroots campaigns for policy change
Become connected with a growing network of peers from around the world working for development and social change
Gain insights into new thinking and innovations in development and social change practice
Develop vision and leadership approaches which lead to innovation and social change
Integrate new analysis and strategies into education and organizing for development and social change
Enhance performance in areas such as gender equality, disability, human rights and the environment
Contribute to campaigns for changes in social policy and practices
Connect with regional and transnational networks working toward development and social change
Tuition : 2,350 CAD
Accommodation and meals : 1,150 CAD

Possess a minimum of two years of demonstrated experience in social, environmental or economic development in sectors such as livelihoods or inclusive economic development, food security, environment, access to education and health care, governance, and the rights of girls and women ;
Have great drive and passion for their work, demonstrated through their outstanding contributions in their organizations and communities ;
Are practitioners in civil society organizations including community-based organizations and not-for-profits, or active in public or private institutions, donor/philanthropic agencies, social movements or in a social enterprise/business ; AND
Have strong oral and written English language competencies.
Deadline : March 18, 2016

To apply click here

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