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Apply for the 3rd Young ICT Leaders’ Forum & Busan Global Smart Cities Challenge

01:54 AM 2016

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in collaboration with the Busan Metropolitan City and the National Information Society Agency (NIA), the Republic of Korea, are organizing the “Young ICT Leaders’ Forum 2016 (YILF-2016)” which will be held during 7-9 September 2016 in Busan City, the Republic of Korea. The Forum is hosted by the Busan Metropolitan City at Exhibition Hall 1, BEXCO, Republic of Korea.

The YILF 2016 aims to promote an active participation of youth in the digital economy, including (1) promoting the engagement of youth in the field of ICTs ; (2) decreasing the digital divide ; and (3) promoting research on emerging ICTs particularly Internet of Things (IoT).

To apply, Visit the following link and you will find the application form


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